Pool Safety Tips and Ideas

A Pool is a great place to relax and here are few basic precautions for a safe and enjoyable time with young children:

- Supervise you children at all times while they are in the pool, regardless of their skill level.  Avoid being distracted by phone calls or other activities and, during social gatherings (no matter how big or small), designate someone to keep watch at all times.

- Maintain a secure fence around the pool.  Install self-closing and self-latching gates as well as door alarms/alerts for all doors leading from the house to the pool area.  Keep latches above the reach of young children.

- Have life-saving devices mounted nearby and learn basic CPR in case of emergency.  Enroll young children in swim lessons and teach them to follow pool safety guidelines at all times.

- Keep children away from pool filters and vacuums as the suction force may injure them or prevent them from surfacing.

- Inspect the pool and equipment periodically for cleanliness and good maintenance. Repair any broken ladders and railings. Store chemicals in a secure place away from the pool area.

- For above-ground pools, remove steps or ladders leading from the ground to the pool when not in use.