A List of Low Cost Upgrades to Help You Increase Value Of Your Home

You don't have to make expensive home improvements to attract buyers. Here are few, simple and budget friendly ways to improve your curb appeal and increase value of your home:

1. Mow the lawn and trim shrubs & bushes

2. Power-wash your home

3. Paint the front door 

4. Paint or stain the deck and font steps

5. Paint or replace your mailbox

6. Repair and secure fencing

7. Organize and declutter your home to get rid of things you don't need (donate, keep, and throw away)

8. Paint the interior

9. Replace outlet and light switch covers

10. Clean or replace light fixtures

11. Replace old light bulbs with bright, energy efficient light bulbs

12. Replace old hardware on doors

13. Clean or replace faucets and shower heads

14. Wash the windows

These small projects will make a huge difference and will make your home sparkle.