Cleaning Tips for a Safe Home 

Cleaning our homes is more important than ever as we try to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Clutter is not just a source of stress or distraction, but it can also impede cleaning since it is difficult to clean when unnecessary items are in the way.  So, start with organizing and decluttering your home and put all unnecessary items away one room at the time.   

Once the room is ready to be cleaned, do your normal cleaning first before disinfecting - dust, vacuum, wipe down surfaces.  That way, when you're ready to disinfect, make sure to use appropriate products for the different surfaces in your home, and follow the label instructions regarding use and length of time.

Pay special attention to frequently touched surfaces—door knobs, light switches, railings/handles, toilets, faucets, counters, etc. These high-traffic areas should be cleaned and disinfected on regular basis in order to ensure a safe environment.

And, don't forget about your car, outdoor furniture, and toys!

Cleaning surfaces followed by proper disinfection is the best practice to help prevent illness or spread of illness in your household.